Play Producing Product

for brain-storming, idea creation

Cards to use

How to play

1. Deal 3 Action cards for each.

2. Put all the of the Stuff cards and the rest of the Action cards in a bundle with face down.

3. Take one card from the pile of the Stuff cards and place it face up.

4. Choose one of the action cards you have and say the idea with the Stuff card on the table. Try to make an idea of ​​a fun product or service that is not found anywhere.

5. Each introduces an idea, and when you’re done, each player decides whose product you think is the most exciting, and all players point fingers to the person at the same time.

6. The owner of the most popular product gets all the used Stuff cards.

7. Discard the used Action card and draw another from the pile so that you always have three Action cards at hand.

8. Return to step 3. Do this until all the Action Cards are exhausted, and when that is done, the player with the highest total Stuff card score wins.


See the online workshop where we used Mish x Mash with lots of kids.



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