Problem Solution

Development of new products and services

Cards to use

The facilitator should create air that is easy to speak.

Tools to prepare

How to play

When the number of player is large, divide into teams of 5 or 6 people.

1. Write down the specific topics and issues of the company in post-it notes. (eg, new product ideas using xx, awareness of our products is not good, campaigns are not doing well, etc.)

2. Place a plie of the Stuff cards and another pile of the Action cards next to each other in the middle. Deal 3 Action Cards to each.

3. Choose one of the topics and place it where players can see.

4. Draw one card from the pile of the Stuff cards and put it face up next to the topic.

5. Each player says the idea combining the Stuff card and the topic. (Write down the ideas to Post-it notes.)

6. Then, in turn, use one action card at a time and say an idea that combines it with one of the ideas in Post-It note (and also write down these ideas).

7. Discard the Action cards you used and take one from the pile when it’s your turn.

8. The next person draws an Action card and say a new idea. You can combine your idea to any previous idea on the table.

9. After making a round, place the next Stuff card face up and return to step 5.

10. Repeat this until all the Action Cards are used. Arrange the post-it notes.

11. Choose two axes that the company cares about, For example, See the samples on the right. (Draw the axis in the way that gives priority to the upper right corner.)

12. Each team announces the ideas at the top right. Adopt exciting and inspiring ideas!


How to play online

See the online workshop where we used Mish x Mash with lots of kids.




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